• Staff are not available at night as our Stay is operated as untact.
  • check in/out 16:00/11:00
  • Hanok is vulnerable to fire and odor as it is a wooden structure. Using fire including smoking, candle, and barbeque is not allowed in the indoor space.
  • Dirt may fall off from rafters due to the characteristic of Hanok. For those who are sensitive, please be advised before reservation. Refund for this reasons cannot be made.
  • Pets are not allowed in the suite.
  • Guests or visitors exceeding the maximum number of guests are not allowed.
  • Please be advised that it may have draught even if the floor is heated due to the characteristic of Hanok.
  • Do not use any bath treatment (e.g oil, solid ingredients, discolorable products) other than provided bath salt due to the drainage issue.
    *Open-air bath is not available in negative degress weather for safety issue in Gallery and Uhui suites.
  • Foods with strong odor(e.g. fish, pork belly) are not allowed in the suite.
  • Commercial photography, video shooting, drone filming, etc. without prior agreement is not allowed.
  • All branches conduct regular CESCO inspections monthly.
  • The use of tapes and adhesives on walls and wooden pillars is not allowed.
  • Additional fees may be charged in case of breakdown of electronic devices or damage to furniture or other items in the suite due to inexperience in the use of electronic devices.
  • No parking lot is prepared; please use paid parking lot nearby.
  • Please note that toothbrush and toothpaste are not provided In accordance with the advice to reduce the use of disposable items in suites.
  • In case of staying over 3 nights, we replace bedclothes and towels and provide cleaning without charge.
    In case of 2 nights, we do not provide bedclothes and towel replacement and suite cleaning.
  • For further inquiries, please contact us THE CHAE concierge(+82-1544-1431).
  • We will send you a reservation confirmation via text after payment.
  • If the transaction is not confirmed within 12 hours for account trasnfer, the reservation may be automatically cancelled.
  • We will send you password and other check-in details at 9am on the day of check-in.
  • For payment and cancellation details, please read the guidline on the channel you've made your reservation.
  • The confirmation of reservation is regarded as you have fully understood and agree to the above.
Refund Policy
Before 10 days100% refund
Before 9 days90% refund
Before 8 days80% refund
Before 7 days70% refund
Before 6 days60% refund
Before 5 days50% refund
Before 4 days40% refund
Before 3 daysNon-refundable

Responsibility for failure to understand the instructions lies with the person making the reservation. Please make your reservation carefully.

**You have fully understood all the details, and if you agree, please lick the button below to move to the STAYFOLIO reversation page.
**For those who want to pay via account transfer or make a reservation directly, please contact THE CHAE concierge(+82+1544-1341).

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