Experience beyond staying

One day, suddenly lifting my head,
I gaze upon the sky

while inhaling the aroma of the soil,
yearning to tread upon the earth once more.

A space and moment
where you can be fullly yourself

staying away from sensitiveness amidst the urban sprawl and the dynamics of relationships, without any burdens.

An uncommon haven within the urban retreat,
uniquely mine and intimately personal.

with sky and yard
instead of hard concrete and elevator.

Jongro where past and present co-exist,

a Hanok

along with the backdrop of skyscrapers
and apartments.

Over the wooden door,
familiar and old-fashioned

Finally discovering myself with freedom
for extraordinary moment.

 THE CHAE, a compound of 'the' and a Korean word taken from 'sarang-chae', has our message of announcing our Handok to people all over the world by harmonizing the beauty of traditional Hanok with the convenience of modern residential culture.

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