Feast of sense
that the eight spaces of Hanok lead

The sixth story

SPACE 06 ❘ THE CHAE : Haudo

Enjoy the scenery of Samcheong-dong with full of low Hanoks
in the midst of the Jongro skyscrapers.

The eight spaces of Hanok greet you at the corner of the lively street
with the vibe of culture, arts, and tradition.

The space where the moments in your life become a special day. It questioins you capturing those moments.

What you will be seeing, listening to, and feeling here.

오감을 일깨우고 이 곳에서의 하루에 녹아들 때,
오래된 한옥이 던지는 삶의 화두와 마주합니다.

Garden at Haudo

A cozy garden at Haudo greets you once you pass the gate on the crowded street. The wide yard embraces the clear sky of Samcheong-dong, and there are scattered maples and small flower garden under the sky. Enjoy the breeze and sunlight sitting at the terrace and have a calm meditation in the garden.

Dining Room at Haudo

The dining room at Haudo has a wide window facing the garden. There is a table where you can enjoy your meal with your loved ones. You can spend private time with good foods in well-furnished kitchen. You will find deeper night with good conversation at Haudo.

Bedroom at Haudo

The bedroom has Uhwa's bedding. This space has subtle scent and calm music for your good night's sleep. The bedding and cover made with natural fabrics help your warm, deep sleep.

Meditation Room at Haudo

There is Meditation Room with a cheesecloth sitting cushion once you go up the wooden black bench. You can face the yard with door opened or enjoy the subtle light with door closed. Cover up your knees with blanket on the sitting cushion and enjoy meditation with provided meditation program.

Spa at Haudo

Spa at Haudo has bathtub, rest room, change room, and shower room. Choose the bath treatment at your preference and put it in a hemp cloth pouch after undressing. Once the bath treatment brews, go into the bathtub and enjoy a silent moment for recovery.


The journey of senses enjoying at Haudo.

There are various moments of senses you will face while staying here.
The day making our life better and healthier.

As you feel the senses you feel in this old Hanok,
the powerful steps towards sustainable life begin.

"The eight senses that the old Hanok embraces.
We hope that the small memories from here lead your daily lives into better ways. "

Occupancy4 persons (max. 8 persons)
Suite typePrivate suite Size
RoomLiving room, meditation room, bedroom, spa

3 Queen-size beds

1 Double Size Topper